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Contracts Administration & Compliance Management

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We are dedicated to the advancement and proper execution of contract administration and compliance at the University of Texas at El Paso. Our efforts are aimed to support the University’s mission, and administration goals.

Scope of Responsibility

Our office directs activities related to contracts for the purchase of equipment, materials, products, or services, which are entered into on behalf of the University.


Our office provides services intended to help ensure that all involved parties comply with University policies and applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Services include:

  • Reviewing and executing standard contract documents
  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Monitoring the status of contracts
  • Monitoring scope of work performance in contracts
  • Advising departments of contractual rights and obligations
  • Assisting in the resolution of contract disputes


Contracts Administration & Compliance Management Resources


Michael Lau

(915) 747-5463

Dee Dee Sianez

Contracts Administrator
(915) 747-7517

Claudia Moreno

Contracts Administrator
(915) 747-5338

Gabriela Aguilar

Business Manager
(915) 747-6332

*Consult the University’s Contract Management Handbook for all contracts matters, including checklists, dollar thresholds, and policies and procedures.

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