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Interpreting Your Statement

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1. Statement Date: Date on which an invoice is generated and the charges are added to the balance.

2. Term: The current semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) etc…

3. Due Date: When your charges are due.

4. Amount Due: Amount that is currently due on account.

5. Student ID: Your 8 digit student identification number.

6. Charges: Amount that your account has been assessed such as tuition, fees, parking, housing, etc…

7. Credits/Anticipated Credits: Monies that have or will be applied to your account such as financial aid, scholarships, grants, etc…

8. Previous Balance: Remaining charges from a previous term(s).

9. Amount Due: Amount that is due on your account.

10. Future Balance: Amount due at a later date (please refer to due date).

11. Part of Term: Determines the start and end dates, deadlines for registration, refund schedules and drop deadlines for the course .

12. Total Credit Hours: Hours enrolled for the current term.

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