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Glossary of Terms

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Account Balance: Total balance owed on an account (past due, current, future)

Amount Due: Amount that is past or currently due on an account.

Charges: Any amount that your account has been assessed with such as tuition, fees, parking, housing etc…

Complete Withdrawal: To drop all courses from a semester.

Credits/Anticipated Credits: Monies applied to your charges such as financial aid, scholarships, grants etc…

Due Date: When your charges are due

Future Balance: Amount due at a later date (please refer to due date)

Go Army Ed: Tuition Assistance website for all active duty military service members. Important: All active duty members should be referred to the Veteran Affairs office for assistance.

Part of Term: (also referred to as an Alternate Part of Term) is a phrase used to describe any mini-term/session that meets for an alternate time frame outside the traditional long term.

Perkins Loan Collections: Campus based Federal student loan. These students are to be referred to either Susan Acevedo or Sandra Galvan.

Previous Balance: Remaining charges from a previous term(s)

Refund Agreement: An agreement for repayment of past due balances in which the student acknowledges that he/she is responsible for paying their past due balance with their upcoming Financial Aid Refund. The student further agrees to pay the past due balance in full within 10 Business Days after Financial Aid is disbursed.

Refund Policy: Refund Policies are established and subject to change by Texas legislature. The percentage of the refund is based on total tuition and fees assessed, not on amount paid. Unless the student does a complete withdrawal from school prior to the first official class day, they will be responsible for a percentage of total assessed tuition and fees. The Refund Policy is located on the Student Business Services website.

Repayment Agreement: An agreement for repayment of past due balances. An initial payment towards the past due balance is required and monthly payments thereafter until past due account balance is paid in full.

SOU: Statement of Understanding to be signed by all students for who tuition is paid by a Third Party Sponsor (i.e. Army, Boeing, YISD, Texas Tomorrow Fund etc.)

Statement Date: Date on which an invoice is generated and the charges are added to the balance

Student ID: Your 8 digit student identification number

Term: The current semester (FALL, SPRING, SUMMER) etc…

TA: Tuition Assistance for any student who is under The National Guard, Coast Guard, and all active duty military service members.

Total Credit Hours: Hours enrolled for the current term

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