Inner Campus (IC) Orange Departmental Permit Policy


Provide the ability for departments that need authorized access to the inner campus parking areas to perform work related tasks, or to conduct/transact business operations. Provide a controlled method to manage the number of additional vehicles on campus (vehicles that do not have permits that allow access to the inner campus)


Permits will be issued based on need, directly to the department.

Permits are for use by Faculty and Staff members holding a valid Parking permit only

  • Both Permits must be displayed at all times.
  • Permits can be used to park for a maximum of 3 hours in the inner campus.

Permits will be assigned to a department by the Parking and Transportation management team based on a ratio of Personnel assigned to the department.

  • Consideration will also be given to the nature of the business being conducted when determining the ratio of permits to personnel.
  • Departmental permits will be issued to an individual in the department. This individual will oversee the Permit(s) that can be used by the authorized department members.
  • Parking citations or fees will be the responsibility the individual using the permit. Department personnel will have citations posted to their respective Banner accounts. .

Student employees are authorized to use these permits after 3:00 pm, but must meet the criteria for use of the permit.

Departmental permits are not associated with Gate access. Users must enter through the East or West University Gates and be verified by a Gate Guard.

Inner Campus (IC) Orange Departmental permits are not to be used by consultants, or any other person not employed by UTEP.

Method Of Payment

Departments approved and meeting all criteria will be directed to submit a requisition for the cost of all authorized permits to the Parking and Transportation Business office.

  • PTS office will require a list of employees and vehicles who will be using the departmental permits.
  • Requisitions will be processed in the order received, requests will need a minimum of 48 hours to process.

All vehicles belonging to UTEP students and employees parked on University Property must have the appropriate parking permit. The IC Orange Departmental Parking permit cannot be used in lieu of purchasing a parking permit. The permit must be used in conjunction with a valid permit owned by the individual using the permit.

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