Troubleshooting Password Reset Related Issues

Beginning on January 2, 2017, UTEP account passwords may be reset requiring you to select a new password.  UTEP will be requiring stronger passwords and will be enforcing password expiration on an annual basis to protect not only your account but University Information Resources. 

For information on creating passwords, please click on this link: "Best Password Practices"

Once you have reset your password, you may have issues connecting your wireless devices to the UTEP wireless network.  After resetting your password, the Information Security Office recommends that you remove your device's current connection settings and then reconnect using your new password.  Please click on one of the links below for instructions on how to remove a connection for your device's operating system.  If you continue to experience issues please contact the HelpDesk at (915) 747-4357 or  Instructions on how to connect to the UTEP wireless network can be found here.

How to Reset a Wireless Connection