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Account Reconciliation

What is the Document Status column?

This column is not essential to the reconciliation process. We are unable to remove the column or hide it, so please just disregard the column and the information.

Can I use the Account Reconciliation process to reconcile my Revenues?

Yes, Account Reconciliation may be used to reconcile Expenses and/or Revenues.

Where can I go to get more information on the Journal IDs listed?

By running the UTE_CostCenter_Recon_Final query, you will be able to get more information to help you identify what the journal line is referring to. When you run the query you will need to enter the Fiscal Year, Accounting Period, and Cost Center. Populate remaining fields with “%” sign. When the excel file opens up look at columns K and L. These two columns will give you the journal line reference and description.

If we run the report by department, will it separate it at least by cost center?

No, it will give you all the information at once. This is why we suggest the best way to run the report is by Cost Center or Project ID.

How long will the reports stay in my inbox?

The report will stay there for 2 weeks.

Is there any way to delete the reports from the My Reports Section of the PeopleSoft Homepage?

No there isn’t. You just have to allow the time to pass and the reports will drop off at the end of the 2 weeks.

What do I do if I still need the reports and the 2 weeks have passed?

You will have to run the report again. Remember the reports will stay for only 2 weeks on the My Reports section of your PeopleSoft Homepage.

Does this capture the object codes, accounts?

Yes. This will provide the GL Accounts and separate the Budget Accounts in tabs.

Do the summary and detail reports pull from the same table?

Yes it does.

Can we create a template for each Cost Center or Project ID?

Yes, especially if you have many cost centers or project ids to reconcile. This may be a way to help you keep track of each one and set the template specifically to each one.

Do we have to use the worksheets?

No, the worksheets are no longer available. They were designed to help you reconcile using the old process and won’t make sense with the new one.

When I run the report and retrieve my results I see a lot of columns and fields that I don’t need, what do I do with the extra fields?

You have the option to format your page. Formatting allows you to keep and see only what you need and want to see.

I see SC028 transactions appearing on my Detailed reconciliation report. How do I know what these are for?

These are interdepartmental transactions being charged to your department. For a listing of SC028 transactions, refer to the Quick Guide located within Peoplesoft Home, Training, Documents, Account Reconciliation, Quick Guides, Account Reconciliation Queries (scroll down to 2nd page). This will show you name of department as well as contact information.

What do I do when I run the report and I don’t see the summary or details report?

If you are missing any of the 3 output results try to run it again. Give it about an hour and if you are still missing any of the reports submit a help desk ticket. Please include the instance number and the Cost Center or Project ID.

Should I be reconciling Encumbrances per Account Reconciliation reports?

No, please use Budget Overview to reconcile Encumbrances. Main Menu, Commitment Control, Review Budget Activities, Budgets Overview. Click on the hyperlink of Encumbrance amount you wish to begin reconciling.

When can we officially start reconciling the new month?

Wait for an email stating the month has officially closed and to start reconciling.

Travel & Expense

How do I find Per Diem Rates?

Per Diem Rates can be found on the U.S. General Services Administration website. A direct link to the Per Diem Rates page can be found on the Resources page of the PeopleSoft website

Can I submit a travel authorization in PeopleSoft after the initial date of travel?

If Travel has taken place and a Travel Authorization was not submitted, create a Travel Authoirzation with a current date. In the comments field, indicate when the original dates of travel took place and a brief summary of why the Travel Authoirzation was not submitted before the Travel. 

Can modifications be made to the travel authorization if it has already been submitted in PeopleSoft?

Yes; contact the Help Desk in order to make modifications/adjustments to travel authorizations that have already been entered in PeopleSoft

When entering a travel authorization for a student, what Payment Type do we select?

Select “Paid by Employee.” This is the Payment Type you will use for any type of traveler

Who processes the travel advance in PeopleSoft?

The Travel Office will process the travel advance

Do we need to enter exact amounts when creating a travel authorization?

Enter per diem amounts or estimated amounts for meals, lodging and/or car rental.

What happens if a traveler does not certify their IAP cash advance form prior to travel?

All current time restraints for cash advances will apply

What Authorization ID do we use in Concur?

TV (travel authorization type) followed by the Authorization ID generated in PeopleSoft. Do not include any extra spaces between the travel authorization type and the PeopleSoft Authorization ID. The following is an example of what the Authorization ID in Concur would look like: TV0000002609

Can we add multiple cost centers for travel authorizations?

It is not recommended for TAs because not all of your encumbered line may be cleared when the expense is reimbursed. For reimbursements, click the plus (+) to add more lines. Only use one line item when creating a Travel Authorization.

Are lodging and meal amounts combined in the Travel Reimbursement?

No; they need to be itemized in PeopleSoft

How do I search for Travel and Expense transactions?

The navigation path is Travel and Expense>Travel and Expense Center>Expense Report or Travel Authorization>View

Do we need to enter exact amounts when creating an expense reimbursement?

Enter amounts as they appear on receipts

What if a traveler has multiple destinations within one trip?

Enter the final destination in the authorization. All other destinations need to be listed in the Comments box

If I enter an Account in PeopleSoft (formerly an object code in Define) will it populate automatically?

No; you need to know your cost center to incur expenses

Where is the foreign location option?

Under the default location

What if I am processing travel for a person who is not a UTEP employee?

If UTEP is paying for their travel, a temporary ID can be created in PeopleSoft for the individual to create a travel authorization. Email the Help Desk to request that a temporary ID be created.

When you call the travel agency and they ask you for the RTA number do you provide the TA number?

Yes, also provide the travel agency with the Cost Center or Project ID # (if grant) of who will be funding the trip.

Are the Authorization ID’s also going to be shared among universities?


Will travel authorizations be final approved once they have been entered in PeopleSoft?

The Creator will submit the Travel Authorization which will then be approved by the Traveler’s supervisor. Once the Supervisor approves, it gets routed to the Budget Authority for final approval (usually the Cost Center Approver, Grant (PI) Approver, Department Approver or Capital Projects Approver.

Vendor Payments

How do we enter a credit memo in a non-PO voucher?

Precede the entered amount with a minus (-) sign.

How many invoices can be paid on a voucher?

Only one invoice can be paid per voucher.

Which document in PeopleSoft is replacing the VP3 document?

There is no direct equivalent to the VP3 in PeopleSoft. Process these payments using the non-PO voucher.

Can multiple funding sources be used in one voucher?

Yes; funding can be split between multiple distribution lines.

Is the vendor address visible in the vendor search function?

No; the vendor address can be viewed once the vendor has been selected.

Can a vendor be changed once the voucher has been created?

Yes; make changes under the "Invoice Information" tab.

Can a voucher be recalled in PeopleSoft once it has been submitted?

If the document has been submitted but not approved, the creator may still modify the document. If documents have been submitted, approved and wishes to have document deleted, please submit a helpdesk ticket. 

Where can I find existing payments?

You can search for your payment through the following navigation path: Accounts Payable>Vouchers>Add/Update>Regular Entry>(Tab) Find an Existing Value

What happens if the wrong speedchart is used when processing a payment?

If the doucment has been submitted but Not approved, the creator may still modify the document. 

Do we reimburse employees through voucher payments?

No; employees will be reimbursed through an Expense Report in the travel module.

How do we find Accounts (formerly object codes in Define)?

Object codes, now called Accounts in PeopleSoft, can be searched according to product description.

Do we use the non-PO voucher to reimburse non-UTEP vendors?


Do we need to re-enter all existing Vendors/Suppliers in PeopleSoft?

No; current Vendor/Supplier data will be converted over.

Can we process a payment without hitting the "Calc Basis Rate" button?

No; PeopleSoft will prompt an error.

Where do I change the date?

Under the "Scheduled Date" button.

What is the process for purchase requisitions?

These are processed through Miner Mall.

What is the process for local fund vouchers?

These will be processed through Miner Mall.

Are the vendors in Miner Mall the same as PeopleSoft?

Yes; our Miner Mall vendors will appear in PeopleSoft.

Are blanket POs available?

Purchasing does not allow for blanket/open POs.

Can I change the "Remit To" location if the company has a different address?


What is a two-liner?

When you split the funding distribution for a payment.

How will the VP7 be handled?

Through the Pro Card module.

Are payments sent to the address listed in the Invoice Information tab, or the Payments tab?

Payment will be sent to the vendor address listed on the Payments tab, under the Payment Information section. Update the "Address" field to change the location.

How do I know if a Vendor exists in Peoplesoft? What if they don’t exist?

Do a voucher search. Main Menu, Vendors, Vendor Information, Add/Update, Vendor. Search by name of vendor. If they don’t exist, provide a Supplier Information Form (, have Vendor fill out main section and return to Purchasing department.

Budget Management

Where is the Define to PeopleSoft Account Conversion tool located?

This tool is located on the Resources page of the PeopleSoft website.

Who is responsible for entering budget transfers into PeopleSoft?

Budget transfers (with the exception of grants budget transfers) will be entered into the PeopleSoft by the department. All approvals need to be collected through the electronic interim approval process (IAP) form before the transaction is entered in PeopleSoft.

How do I look up my cost center’s budget balance?

Main Menu, Commitment Control, Review Budget Activities, Budgets Overview. If setting up report for 1st time, select Add a New Value tab, name it and Add. If cost center, Leger Group = Ledger Inquiry Set, Ledger Inquiry Set = UTEP. Enter cost center #.If Grant, Ledger Group = Ledger Group, Ledger Group = GRT_CHILD1. Enter Project ID #.

How do I know what makes up my Expenses while reviewing in Budget Overview?

Click on the blue, underscore hyperlink which will help you drill down to the various levels.

My Available balance shows a negative balance. I also show we have Revenue. Can this revenue help with our negative situation?

Yes, email the Budget Office asking them to Associate Revenue. Provide a screen shot which shows the Revenue.

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