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Classrooms equipped with an Intel Unite allow instructors to connect their own mobile device (laptop or tablet) to the Audio Visual system in the classrooms quickly and easily. This connection is done wirelessly allowing instructors to walk around the classroom while having instant physical access to their own device. The Intel Unite is compatible across many mobile device platforms.
Features and Benefits
• Any number of simultaneous users, sharing content
• Automatically adjusts to any display
• Connect with Windows, and Apple
• Share applications, documents, images, videos, etc.
• Supports High-Definition
• Changes made to content visible on screen in real time
• Users control screen layout – look at one thing or a dozen things
   on screen at the same time
• Laptop screen privacy – users can share a single application window

Getting Started

The Intel Unite Solution requires users to use a client to connect to the Intel Unite Hubs.

Windows Client  |  Mac Client  |  iPad Client  |  Android Client

Classrooms with Intel Unite:
Hudspeth 100
Hudspeth 200
Husdpeth 213
Hudspeth 300
Hudspeth 313
Support & training 
Please contact the Technology Support Help Desk or call 747.5257



Technology Support Help Desk
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Technology Support Help Desk

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