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Tuition and Mandatory Fees: Spring 2018

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Required Fees - Graduate

Name of Charge Amount Description
Student Services Fee $15.50 per credit hour, with a maximum of $186.00 (12 credit hours) A fee to fund student-related services such as intramural activities; student government, disabled student organizations, career services, cheerleaders, student publications, health services, intercollegiate athletics and others as recommended by the Student Service Fee Committee.
Library Fee $12.75 per credit hour A fee to defray the cost of provision of library services as well as the acquisition costs of library materials, online services and computer equipment.
Student Union Fee $30.00 for term Fee may be used for finance, construction, operation and maintenance of a student union building and its programs.
International Education Fee $4.00 per term A fee to provide financial assistance to University students participating in international student exchange or study abroad programs.
Green Fee $3.00 for term A fee to provide environmental improvements through services related but not limited to recycling, energency efficiency, renewable energy, transportation, employment, product purchasing, planning and maintenance, or irrigation or to provide matching funds for grants to obtain environmental improvements.
Recreation Fee $70.00 for term A fee to finance construction, maintenance and operations of new and existing recreation facilities and programs.
Registration Fee $5.00 per term To defray the costs associated with the provisions of web enabled and other automated registration related services.
Technology Fee $25.00 per credit hour with a maximum of $375.00 (15 credit hours) To defray the cost of information technology and network services that are related to supporting the University's instructional, academic support and administrative functions.
Health Center Fee $14.40 per term To defray the cost of providing medical services and support to students.
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